computer says no

When The Computer Says No…

Whilst we may officially be out of the recession and business is definitely on the up, many practice partners and SME owners are still finding it difficult to obtain the financing from time honoured, mainstream sources that they need for development or day to day business operations.

Let’s face it, banks are still reluctant to lend to small businesses – the level of lending fell last year by almost £400 million and though things have picked up in 2015 there are still plenty of businesses who cannot access extra funds when they most need it. According to recent feedback, access to credit continues to be one of the major hurdles that small businesses face, on a par with the rising costs of utility bills and problems associated with getting payment from clients.

In short, there are plenty of instances when companies need a loan and the banking computer just says no.

So what does a small business or private practices do when it needs to grow or access finance and can’t get the bank to agree a loan? The good news is that there are alternative solutions available and many SMEs are starting to explore these avenues, building long term relationships with private financing companies that are more than simple monetary arrangements.

PFC works in a totally different way to your local bank. It’s not just about filling in a form and meeting set criteria that are largely skewed against lending in the first place. We are here to build a long term business relationship and not just tick off boxes for a loan formula in the vain hope that you might be eligible.

Our aim is to find the loan package that suits your business and give you access to fast, reliable finance that helps you to stay competitive. We do this by having on board more than 30 funders who are willing to lend to a variety of SMEs, from new start enterprises, to long-established companies.

Whether investing in new equipment, or simply a desire to introduce capital into the business for intangible purposes, our standard working capital lines of credit are ideal for general business investment needs.

Our combined 30 years’ experience is honed across multiple industry sectors, encompassing nearly every type of UK SME business.

With dedicated account handlers who get to know what your business really needs and fast response times, the PFC team has over 30 years experience of providing finance that simply helps businesses like yours grow. It’s not about targets and algorithms, it’s about building relationships that matter which is why we are able to provide the right access to finance for over 90% of our clients.