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Slow Cashflow Problems? Accelerate into Spring by…

Speeding up your Sales Ledger with Invoice Finance

As spring fast approaches, there is no harm in giving your business finances an early ‘spring clean’, allowing a fresh start ready for the new financial year.

One solution that SMEs are perhaps often ignoring is invoice financing (Factoring and Invoice Discount).  This is basically a way of improving working capital by releasing finance against unpaid invoices.  It is proven to improve cashflow and allows businesses to meet critical inherent costs, from wages to VAT bills, servicing contracts or placing new orders with suppliers as they no longer have to wait for their outstanding trade debtors paying on time.  The facility can offer up to 90% of the value of the sales ledger (and in some cases up to 100% of the invoice) and can quickly lift the pressure off a business owner’s shoulders.

Imagine billing your client and instead of waiting up to 90 days for the cash to be realised you receive the vast majority of the invoice that day. Factoring, or invoice discount, streamlines your cashflow and frees up important time which can be better spent on growing the company.

There are some key differences between factoring and invoice discount, often driven by the companies’ turnover, or the history of the sales ledger performance, but a brief chat with one of our account managers can help you understand this in greater detail.

We work with a panel of lenders that include some of the best invoice finance underwriters (all members of the Asset Based Finance Association, or ABFA), meaning packages can be tailored to suit any business, of any size or age. Even if you’re an established business or a new start up, we can help you speed up your sales ledger.

For recent examples of invoice finance facilities arranged by our account managers, take a look at these links:


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