The Benefits of a Tailored Commercial Loan

Access to responsive funding opportunities and robust cash flow is the life blood of many businesses, whether it’s large corporations or sole traders. A tailored commercial loan can enable SMEs to invest in infrastructure and property, get over difficult periods, and develop and implement new operational strategies or purchase important stock.

PFC provides the kind of tailored financing service that many small businesses and owner managed sole traders are looking for in today’s competitive market place. With repayments over 60 months and a range of different options available from bullet loans to buy to let, mortgage and personal financing, our aim is to give SMEs the personal support they need to succeed.

Because we are a brokerage firm with access to a panel of 30 funders, we can source the best deals, find the solutions that work and build close relationships with our clients that matter. A tailored commercial loan is more than just about making finance available, it’s about getting the right fit for an individual SME or sole trader.

  • Helping with cash flow:  There are moments in the life of any business when money is tied up in one venture or another, whether it’s a major investment in product development or the next big marketing push. Keeping cash flow moving with a commercial loan can ease these periods, enabling businesses to continue trading strongly without having to worry about availability of finance.
  • Business investments: SMEs all over the UK are looking to invest in property and infrastructure and need finance options that are suited to their needs, not just a one-size-fits-all approach. Whether that’s providing finance for buy to let landlords or a commercial mortgage for new offices, getting a good deal that suits their particular business model and situation is important.
  • Helping businesses to grow: Having to wait until finances are available can leave a business lagging behind its competitors. If there are growth strategies in place, a tailored commercial loan allows SMEs to move forward rather than stagnate in an increasingly competitive marketplace.

Whether it’s a short term bridging loan or a longer term property investment, finding the right finance partner makes sense.  Because PFC is focused on helping businesses to develop and grow, we pride ourselves on building long-term relationships that are powerful and meaningful. It’s about giving SMEs and entrepreneurs the flexibility they need to compete and move forward in today’s business environment.